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1.The result leaves Leeds with six points from three games, while Sheffield are still looking for their first point of the season.。
2.The former world No. 1 is set to face a tougher challenge in the second round against 2017 champion Jelena Ostapenko of Latvia, who knocked out American Madison Brengle 6-2, 6-1.。
3.Hamilton had started from pole position and held onto his lead despite the long run to the first braking zone exposing him to attack from Bottas and Red Bull's Max Verstappen.。
4.Despite losing a place to Bottas at the start, Verstappen was happy to finish second. "To be able to split the Mercedes cars, we can be pleased with that. I was just trying to do my own race. I'm very happy with second after two (retirements)."。
5."My goal was to reach the podium, but I didn't expect to win the title," said Song.。
6.Bayern looked more active but wasn't able to create clear-cut chances against a well-positioned Hoffenheim defence.。


1."With the establishment of the World Athletics Road Running Championships, the whole global community of recreational runners, which numbers in the millions, will be able to come together to celebrate their passion for putting foot to the road."。
2.To survive its deep crisis, the 1997 UEFA-Cup winner needs to substantially realign its entire structure and create a serious plan to solve the team's problems, said former Schalke coach Ralf Rangnick.。
3.Beer Sheva scored the only goal after just four minutes of play with a penalty from Portuguese midfielder Josue, after Plzen's goalkeeper Ales Hruska fouled Colombian striker Jhonatan Agudelo.。
4."I think the chair umpire was the only person not to have seen it," said a furious and disappointed Mladenovic after the match.。
5."At the beginning, it's never easy, especially at the beginning of a new tournament. It's the first time for me here at Roland-Garros," the 19-year-old said.。
6.With the international break around the corner, that means the next time Hazard has a chance of playing would be in Madrid's home game at home to Cadiz on October 18th.。


1.Flamengo had asked the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) to postpone the clash after reporting at least 16 positive coronavirus cases in their first-team squad, with only nine outfield players available.。
2.Olimpia must defeat Delfin at home and rely on other results going their way to have any chance of progressing to the knockout phase.。
3.It is thought the 41-year-old Baum will act as a mastermind as he stands for the new generation of coaches addicted to innovative tactical approaches.。
4.Attracting around 300 of China's top swimmers, the 2020 Championships are being held from September 26 to October 2 in Qingdao.。
5.Monchengladbach sporting director Max Eberl called his club's group exciting "as we face Europe's top dogs." Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann might face the biggest challenge to repeat his side's semifinal performance last season, with key figures Timo Werner and Patrik Schick having left the club. Enditem。
6.The Italian rising star ripped 11 games in a row to defeat the Belgian for the second time in as many head-to-head meetings.。


1、MONACO, Sept. 30 (Xinhua) -- The World Athletics Road Running Championships will be part of the global calendar starting from 2023, the world athletics governing body announced on Tuesday.。
2、The 2020 German Supercup final is developing into a vital do-or-die game.。
3、Fujian's form faded suddenly in the middle of the third set as Shanghai staged a 9-0 scoring run, including three points from serving. Shanghai then kept the huge lead until the set ended.。
4、Brazil has the world's second-highest COVID-19 death toll behind the United States, with more than 141,000 fatalities. Enditem。
5、Shanghai coach Milos Paden said that when his side found themselves in early trouble, he simply asked them to do what they did every day in practice.。


TEHRAN, Oct. 1 (Xinhua) -- Ali Karimi, the midfielder of Iran's Esteghlal soccer club, has been linked with a move to Turkey's Trabzonspor, Persian Football reported on Thursday.!


  • 冰山 10-25

    Schalke needs new confidence, he added, saying that Naldo might not only have spoken about the club's squad. Enditem

  • 无奈 10-24

    The scheduled dates for each prefecture in 2021 will be one day earlier than the originally scheduled dates in 2020 but the days of the week will match the previous schedule.

  • 的身 10-23

    NAIROBI, Sept. 30 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's Boston and Chicago marathon champion Lawrence Cherono will lead the 2020 Valencia Marathon assault, organizers confirmed on Wednesday.

  • 固成 10-22

    A controversial injury time penalty from Newcastle United's Callum Wilson cancelled out Lucas Moura's first half opener for Tottenham and assured a 1-1 draw at White Hart Lane, although it will do nothing to end controversy about VAR after Newcastle's Andy Carroll headed the ball against Eric Dier's arm to provoke a spot kick.

  • 了吗 10-21

    Tang Miao shot the opener in the 42nd minute for Chengdu and his teammate Wu Guichao slotted home with a curled volley in the 79th minute, sealing the game against Inner Mongolia 2-0.

  • 至尊 10-20

    Vital performers such as Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Mueller demanded new faces after admitting to be exhausted after an energy sapping 2019/2020 season.

  • 丈巨 10-19

    "It's an unfortunate incident, Mokua was heavily attacked by the hippo while on his training session on Monday evening. If it wasn't for his training partner who rushed to his rescue, it could have been a different story," athletics coach Francis Kamau told Xinhua on Tuesday.

  • 明这 10-18

    One player who is likely to miss out however, is striker Luka Jovic. The Serb was given a chance to show what he can do at the weekend, but produced another disappointing display (although he did provoke a red card for Betis defender Emerson). Everything points to Jovic being loaned out before the end of the season with Borja Mayoral remaining as backup to Karim Benzema.

  • 存在 10-17

    The recent failure is nursing doubts about the club's strategy to gain sufficient success by signing talents using Dortmund as an intermediate station on their way to one of the continent's leading sides.

  • 老同 10-16

    "The Tokyo Olympics were postponed, and this is good for me. Now I have more time to prepare and will try to show my best in the Olympics," she said.

  • 忙将 10-15

    Jiangsu won their sixth straight game and advanced as the pace-setter in group A.

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